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Mash Note

No Takebacks.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Detroit Screenings
Winner of the 2019 Great Lakes State Film Festival VOD Award


Wanda knows what it means when she harbors unexpressed feelings for her best friend Janice. Talking to each other about their problems, hanging out, watching movies—these day-to-day intimacies grow until Wanda has to let her feelings out, and so she writes a love letter and slips it under Janice’s door. Almost immediately she regrets the action and schemes up ways to get the letter back before Janice reads it and changes their friendship forever.

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Director's Statement

Feelings. We all catch them at one point or another. But how we deal with them differs immensely. This movie is an exploration of the lengths we’ll go to either to express our feelings or keep them buried. At one point or another, I’m sure each of us has been in the shoes of one of the characters in this story. I know I have, and it’s my hope that you see a bit of yourself in this film and reflect on the part your last bout with feelings played in your life.

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