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Documentary/ Interview

Yancho Family Veteran Story (2020)


Winner of the 2020 NATAS-MI Emmy Interview/ Discussion

Capitol Memories: Ken Harris (2021)


Winner of the 2021 NATAS-MI Emmy Interview/ Discussion

Left Behind in Vietnam (2019)


Winner of the 2019 NATAS-MI Emmy Interview/ Discussion

100-Year-Old Veteran Irene Hoskings (2018)


Nominated for 2019 Eclipse Award, Best Documentary Short Subject.

Resislience & Rebirth (2015)

Director/ Editor

The American Civil War Years: The 102nd United States Colored Troops (2012)


Nominated for MI-NATAS Emmy

Short Narrative

The Great Pineapple Debate (2018)

Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Actor

Winner of 2018 Flint Youth Film Festival

Best Writer - Community

Best Director - Community

Runner Up - Community

Sock (2017)

Creative Team

Rental Office (2016)

Writer/ Director/ Editor

Vinyl Love (2016)

Writer/ Director/ Editor

Comedy Sketch

Bananas (2015)

Writer/ Director/ Editor

The Shovel (2015)

Writer/ Director/ Editor

Funniest Joke (2014)

Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Actor

Muppet Hands (2014)

Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Puppeteer

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